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2015 Campaign


Logo by Kena Ravel

Because bisexual individuals report consistently higher levels of depression, suicidality, anxiety, and other mood disorders compared to their heterosexual and homosexual counterparts, the 2015 theme for BHAM was Mental Health.

BHAM engaged the community at large and formed local and national partnerships throughout the month of March 2015 to raise awareness about the various mental health disparities experienced by the bisexual community. The BRC disseminated this campaign on Facebook, Twitter (#BiHealthMonth), and Tumblr all month long for the following focus weeks:

  • March 2-6: (Statistics) A focus on current statistics and research data concerning mental health disparities in the bisexual community.
  • March 9-13: (Intersectionality) An emphasis on how race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, etc., can further impact mental health disparities in the bisexual community, particularly in regards to experiences of oppression and discrimination.
  • March 16-20: (Resources) A spotlight on current resources and creation of new ones that can address mental health disparities in the bisexual community.
  • March 23-27: (Action) The promotion and development of interventions, policies, and other activities that work to prevent or decrease mental health disparities in the bisexual community.

Our goal was not only to educate others about our community’s most pressing mental health disparities, but also to support bisexual individuals in need and to advocate for lasting change. If you have any questions about Bisexual Health Awareness Month, or want to get involved, please reach out to us at